About Us

Howard and Gwen Starr started the business as Anderson County Monument Works in January 1977. Howard had worked in all phases of the monument industry before venturing out on his own. The company has continued to grow and is currently one of the largest monument companies in Texas. Charles Starr, Howard and Gwen’s oldest son, started with the company from the beginning in 1977. He and his wife, Freida, purchased a monument company in Tyler, TX (Forte Monuments) in the spring of 1989 and renamed the company Starr Memorials. Howard continued operating A.C.M.W. in Elkhart, TX.

In 1999, Charles and Freida (Starr Memorials) purchased Garrett Memorials in Longview, TX and Kilgore Monument Company in Kilgore, TX. In 2000, Charles and Freida’s son, Charles Starr II (L.C.) came to work for Starr Memorials. He has been around the monument business his entire life and is heavily involved in day to day operations.

In 2004, Starr Memorials bought Anderson County Monument Works (Elkhart, TX) and all companies are operated under Starr Memorials, Inc. All production work is done in our Elkhart location and distributed by trucks to its destination.

In 2007 Starr Memorials purchased a laser etching machine. Laser etching opened a new door into customization of memorials and an opportunity to do more than just monuments. With the addition of a talented graphic designer (Samantha Mobley) with her Bachelor of Art Degree from Belhaven College and a background in photography we were set to go. We have been selling small tiles and laser etched pet markers in our office for years and one of our
previous employees wanted to sell them on the web, so she handled all of the web stuff for a few years. Recently due to time and a growing family she has had to step away, but not wanting to stop offering the online products, Lc and Samantha stepped in to save the day.