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What is Laser engraving?

It is the process of using a laser to slightly remove the surface of certain materials, such as granite, glass, wood, etc. For example, when laser etching black granite the surface of the polished granite is removed to reveal the white contrast underneath.

How do I get my personal photo to you?

Option #1: Upload your photo on our website during the checkout process.

Option #2: E-mail your photo to us at order@alletched.com in a .jpg format

Option #3: Visit the Contact Us page for our mailing address. Your photo will be returned to you in the same condition which it was received. Please be sure to include your return address.

What type of images are best for engraving?

Scanning the original photo is best at a high resolution uploaded in jpg
format. Photocopied or reproduced photos will not turn out well. The better
the quality of the photo, the better the results of the finished product.

How can I clean my granite engravings?

It is not recommended or suggested to use anything other than water to clean your granite product.

How long does the order process take from start to finish?

Once you place your order you will receive a copy of what your stone or tile will look like by e-mail within 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday). When you give us a final approval, we will make and ship your stone/tile within 1-3 business days (Monday-Friday). If shipped USPS it can take from 2-7 days to receive. Priority mail option is also available with a 2-3 day timeframe.

Can I change something on my stone/tile if I don’t like it?

Yes. You have the option to change anything you don’t like and we will re-draft your item and send you a new proof at no extra charge. We will NOT make your item until a final approval is sent to us by you. It will NOT be possible to change anything after an approval is given to us by you.

Will my item be insured during shipping?

Yes. All items are insured during shipping.

What if my items arrive damaged?

If an item is lost or damaged during shipping we will send you a new one at no extra cost. If the item arrives damaged it would be helpful to us for insurance reasons if you take a picture of the packaging and the damaged area on the item and e-mail it to us.

What is the cost of engraving the items?

Our prices are listed with each item available. The only additional charges will be for shipping and Texas residents must pay sales tax.

How long will the laser engraving last?

Laser engraving lasts for hundreds of years, or longer.

Can the items be used outdoors?

Yes. Granite can be placed indoors or outdoors.

Will I see a proof before my order is engraved?

Yes. You will receive a proof via e-mail within 1-2 business days. We will not engrave your order until we have approval from you.

Do I have to use graphics on my item?

Not necessarily, you can choose from several layout options, or if you want to do something different that is not already offered, you can contact us by e-mail order@alletched.com and we will try our best to accommodate your wishes.

What if there is an error on my item?

If an error occurs and it is our fault, we will replace your item at no extra cost to you. If an error occurs and it is your fault, we can not be held responsible for replacing the item. We ask that you check the proofs you receive VERY carefully for mistakes. We will ONLY make an item from what is approved by you.

Can any design or wording be etched on the stones/tiles you offer?

Yes. As long as it is within reasonable size and limits to fit on the size of stone/tile chosen. You may contact us by e-mail if you have any questions before ordering. We have the right to refuse any profane, vulgar, obscene, or inappropriate content.